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Links to download stuff are listed below, in mp3 and wav format.

You can also listen the whole stuff on SoundCloud (opens in a new tab).

You can also also listen the whole stuff on YouTube here.

Heyooo nyan-nyan!!!

My submission for the OST Composing Jam March 2022, nyan! In fact, in two more weeks I have a game jam in team. Since I took a hiatus for monthes, I needed to warm up correctly. Seriously, we need more comp jam on itch. About me, I am currently a Sound Designer looking forward to become a Game Designer. I will soon take a 3-years cursus to be a Game Designer to join this industry.

What is this?

The soundtrack is loopable. For listening purposes, the versions I submitted are not loopable and ends with a fade-out. These are tracks full of energy. I had to make music with the theme "Two Worlds". Nyan.

The Story within the tracks.

The Real World. The Virtual World. Both are interconnected. Both exists. Humanity, the undisputed ruler of the world, made scientific and technical progresses. But at the end of the day, everyone seems to have forgotten what is most important in life.

In the beginning of this story, the most unsignifiant one from an forgotten civilization living deep inside the jungle is born to become a hero. As he was hunting animals and looking for materials, he will step into a dimensional rift and will get separated from his jungle hometown.

From urban cityscapes to polluted waters and lands, he will go from discovery to discovery, switching from the real world of the future and the virtual world, this cyber-espace where everything is not as paradisiac as it seems.

How to survive in both these worlds, when all the knowledge of our little hero is basically hunting and farming? New codes to adopt, new cultures to discover. Everything seems to travel so fast, even the information slips at the speed of light. Everything seems so stressful, a war can be triggered from a second to another, everything is a danger. It's all about money and progress.

Our little hero from the former world will have, in the first time to find a way to get back in his native hometown... But the more he will progress in these double-faced worlds, the more he will have the felling to have something to do. Something him and only him has to do. How to be the savior of humanity... When the danger is the humanity itself?


1. "The Real World - Neverending Flares".

This is the theme of the real world. Between Metal Punk and Electro, this fast-paced track is obviously a highly energetic track, as it the music warns you to not let your guard down, since everything can be a danger and even your friends can become your foes.

2. "The Virtual World - The Virtual Space"

A upbeat track for the virtual world where synths are omnipresent. In this world, everything seems so happy. But happiness is fragile, the crunched mix is here to tells you even the good feelings of the modern world are fragile and everything can make the wall collapse. What lies behind the wall of happiness is what lies in front of the wall of fear.

Fun fact: at first, it looked a bit too much to cyberspace.exe, a track from Rabi-Ribi OST. This is mostly I played a lot of this game before the jam. I managed to get partially rid of the influence.

3. "Between The Worlds - Where Everything Ends, Where Everything Begins".

This is the theme of the former world. Does it remind you Crash Bandicoot? Obviously the marimba does. Chromatic percussions and a less "in-your-face" speedy track than the two previous ones is all it takes. Also, I enjoyed designing the bassline.


Hefka, The Chiptune Catboy
(even tho I decided to not go chiptune for this jam)


Everything made by me with the following softwares.

Music : Ableton Suite 10. + Audacity
Cover : Clip  Studio Paint + Wacom graphic tablet.
Video : OBS + ShotCut.
Font in the video : Neko, made by me with BitFontMaker2.


Hefka - The Former World - MP3 14 MB
Hefka - The Former World - WAV 84 MB

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