*wake up and drop some extra tracks*

5 new tracks. 4 for the NES soundchip, the fifth one also for the NES with VRC7 extention.

Oh, did I forget to say hello? Well, hm, hello, I guess. I slept well. Have a happy new year, a nice Valentine day or I don't know what.

Making music is not that easy. As for me, it takes me only 2 hours to write a piece of music, but it usually requires me to be in a perfect mood, having an impeccable health and the process drains all my actual energy. I also got discouraged cause in the meanwhile I got stolen. I mean, mu musics got stolen. Just so you know, not because it's free doesn't mean you are allowed to steal me and resell these. I do these tracks to help indie developers find a way into this harsh industry.

I'm pretty tired, the recent news are tiring, but at least I released an extension just for you, so you can enjoy. :)

Waaaa I'm so tired.


Hefka Chiptune Pack - Extension March 2022 40 MB
84 days ago

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